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Gluten-free flour

We produce gluten-free flour of the highest quality for almost two decades. Our products are recommended for people who follow a gluten-free diet for medical reasons, as well as for those who choose healthy eating habits. Our flour is used for the production of baby food, pasta, baking, confectionery etc.
Our burrstone mills produce exclusively gluten-free products:
  • Flour:
    • Rice flour
    • Corn flour
    • Buckwheat
    • Brown rice flour
    • Green buckwheat flour
    • Millet flour
    • Sorghum flour
    • Amaranth flour
    • Teff flour
    • Chickpea flour
    • Turkestan millet flour
    • Red lentil flour
    • Flour "Rice Manka"
    • Flour "Corn Manka"
    • Flour "Buckwheat Manka"
  • Baking mixes:
    • Rice baking mix
    • Corn baking mix
    • Sorghum baking mix
    • Biscuit baking mix
    • Amaranth baking mix
There has never been and will never be any wheat in our production and warehouses and that is why gluten cross-contamination is impossible.
Manufacturing of Kaskad Ltd. is the first in Ukraine that is certified in according with AOECS standards. This gives us the right to use official The Crossed Grain Trademark 
We have been certified by the food management system ISO 22000: 2005.
Our product meets Kosher standards.

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