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Gluten-free flour

Buckwheat flour can be compared with wheat flour in its energy value. However, buckwheat flour contains a much larger amount of "slow" complex carbohydrates, therefore, it is classified as a dietary product. The vitamin-mineral composition of buckwheat flour has similar features with the composition of buckwheat itself. The product is saturated with such biologically active components: vitamins of group B, E and a large amount of antioxidant rutin. Useful amino acids are found in buckwheat flour: glycine, lysine, etc. The amount of mineral compounds of the product even outweighs the amount of biologically active substances: in addition to calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, the product boasts the presence of more rare zinc, selenium, molybdenum, manganese, copper, fluorine, cobalt.


Name of indicators  Norm
1 Mass fraction of moisture not more, % 15,5
2 Mass fraction of metallic impurities, mg per 1 kg of flour not more than 3,0
3 Ash content in dry matter not more, % 0,75
4 Mass fraction of product passing through a seive of 160 microns, not less, % 60,0
5 Mass fraction of the product coming from a sieve 250 microns, not more than, % 2,0
6 Pest contamination Not allowed


Organoleptic evaluation - the appearance and color is light brown.
Smell - typical of rice groats, odorless, not musty, not moldy.
Shelf life: 12 months.
Storage conditions: store in dry rooms at a temperature not higher than 18 + 20 °C, relative humidity not higher than 60%.
                    Nutrition facts per 100g
Calories 353
Сarbohydrates 71,9 g
Protein 13,6 g
Dietary fiber 2,8 g
Fat 1,2 g
Vitamin E 0,3 mg
Vitamin РР 6,3 mg
Vitamin В1 0,4 mg
Potassium 130 mg
Phosphorus 250 mg
Magnesium 48 mg
Sodium 3,0 mg
Calcium 10,0 mg
Iron 4,0 mg


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