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Gluten-free flour

Our company is a Ukrainian producer of high quality gluten-free flour. We offer rice, corn, buckwheat, corn, amaranth, gooseberries, sorghum and brown rice flour.

Buckwheat flour is used for pancakes, bread baking and is a great alternative to traditional flour. It has a specific buckwheat flavor and aroma. Buckwheat flour is an essential source of vitamins and minerals that we save due to grinding on stone mills.

Our buckwheat flour is absolutely safe for those who keep to the gluten-free diet. It can be used in mixes for baking, for making bread and pasta.

We cooperate with the customer technologist and produce samples of different degree of processing and size of grinding.

Gluten free buckwheat flour can be purchased in bulk and in retail. Call us +38 099 977 74 43 or +38 050 595 75 62.

Our technologists have developed a special line of products with the given properties:

  • Standart Flour is a standard milling flour 200 microns, humidity up to 15%.
  • Tehture flour - is undergoing special treatment, humidity up to 9%, grinding size-at the customer's request.
  • Flour Super and Super + - for baby food, with pure microbiology.
  • Flour Special - with the given properties at the request of a technologist.

All products are certified.

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